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Utilacor's energy management services could save you $1,000's

If your business spends around $3,000 per month or more on electricity or gas, Utilacor may be able to save your business thousands in energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emission!

Utilacor will help you manage energy costs, improve efficiency in your business and deal with sustainability issues. Explore our expert services below and contact us for your tailored solution.

The energy market continues to experience volatility with energy prices on the increase! The ongoing effects of the drought, current economic difficulties, future market uncertainty with regard to the climate change related issues combined with increasingly higher demand for electricity have resulted in higher contract prices for energy.

Retail energy contracts are complex and Utilacor can assist your business by sourcing market competitive prices, utilising the unique kWatch® system to present a detailed analysis of all offers received.

We do the hard work for you, identifying the best offer for your business regardless of the complexity of the offers received. This is all a part of our Negotiations Service. Find out more

Energy Account Management

Energy Account Management

How accurate is your energy bill?
Our Energy Bill Verification & Error Investigation Services utilise our unique energy management system, kWatch® to analyse your energy consumption. It identifies cost saving opportunities, and locates any errors in your bills which have not been detected by your supplier.

Compare Energy Suppliers - Contact Negotiations

Energy Contract Negotiations and Purchasing

Save your business time and money.
We can assist you in negotiating and procuring market leading energy supply agreements within this complex, competitive and highly volatile energy market.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Services

Become a more efficient business.
Utilacor can tailor custom energy management and sustainability solutions to both reduce energy costs and to develop an energy-conscious operation plan for your business.


Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting and Project Management

Everything from energy audits to specialist projects.
Utilacor offers a full range of services from electrical infrastructure design, electrical new supply negotiation, Infrastructure project management, planning and construction services.


Wholesale Market

Wholesale Market Solutions

Take advantage of the energy market.
Utilacor is able to develop, implement and manage, risk managed custom wholesale market pricing plans for customers who have the ability to control their load through demand side management or utilising stand-by generation.


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