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Utilacor has supported the energy management objectives of a government authority for many years. In 2014, the customer authorised Utilacor to undertake a synchronisation project.

The grid synchronisation works were performed at one of the authority’s principle sites to realise a host of energy management benefits: operational optimization, demand site management, biogas utilisation, wholesale procurement, network support and effective risk management.

Utilacor completed the project and further assisted the customer in negotiations with its retailer to exit a long term and costly retail electricity contract.


We have been negotiating our future electricity costs with Utilacor for a number of years, and with information supplied by you we have been able to pinpoint the best time to test the electricity market. ... Over the past years Utilacor discovered overcharge situations that enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars on our electricity costs.

Gabor Hilton, Engineering Manager | Oxford Cold Storage


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