contract-signMonitoring key market dynamics to identify the best possible purchasing conditions and opportunities for electricity and gas

Utilacor identifies strategic sourcing opportunities by constantly monitoring market dynamics to identify the best purchasing conditions and opportunities.  Our fee for service approach drives the energy procurement process beyond a response to contract expiration dates, by closely monitoring the market conditions to identify the best possible time to initiate negotiations on behalf of clients.

Submission of a minimum 12 months of smart meter data to retailers, including all factors that may influence pricing at a site, permits Utilacor’s senior analysts to produce actual projections for comparison.  kWatch® reviews, forecasts and ranks all retailer offers to identify the most competitive and cost effective proposal, including detailed projections for all terms offered.

This calculated approach to energy procurement reduces exposure to price volatility and empowers clients to make informed, strategic decisions backed by kWatch® and Utilacor’s intricate knowledge of the energy market.

The outcomes are presented with full transparency with no rebates and no hidden trailing commissions.  We make recommendations based on analysis and industry expertise but respect the right of choice the customer can take. Utilacor provide the analysis and recommendations and the customer makes the final decision about Retailer selection.

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BGL Operations has exclusively used Utilacor over a number of years to re-negotiate its energy contracts. This has included a number of new sites which were acquired. The fact BGL has only used Utilacor testifies to our satisfaction with their expertise and business model.

Adam Port, Group General Manager | BGL


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So much more than an Energy Broker, Utilacor's energy management services can transform your energy usage, significantly lower your costs and help you implement sustainable solutions.

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