Assesses the risk of price events to manage and take advantage of the volatile electricity market

purchasingSome business operations are flexible and a business can choose when to operate. The more flexible a site’s operation is, the more suited it will be to Wholesale Electricity Pool Purchasing.  Prior to entering the wholesale pool market, Utilacor will conduct a detailed assessment, focusing on risk management for any business considering this form of energy purchasing arrangement.

Analysis is provided to evaluate if pool purchasing is financially justifiable compared to a standard fixed price contract for the site.

Utilacor will educate the client on:

  • how the pool market works,
  • its risks and
  • advantages for their business.

Our engineering team will carry out a feasibility study of the business site proposed to see if it will be economically viable for the business to either install a standby generator or use a load shed system (turn off processes during price spikes). This assessment will also analyse the vulnerability of the business to prices in the market and to the outlay of having backup or switching off their processes.  Utilacor can recommend and install risk management tools to provide a stress free professional service.  This service continually assesses the risk and notifies of price events in the market to manage and take advantage of the volatile electricity market.

Sites possessing generation can be set to automatically set to transfer load to a backup generator when on a management service arrangement provided by Utilacor.  More information on these management services and automated load management technology can be provided on request.


We have been negotiating our future electricity costs with Utilacor for a number of years, and with information supplied by you we have been able to pinpoint the best time to test the electricity market. ... Over the past years Utilacor discovered overcharge situations that enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars on our electricity costs.

Gabor Hilton, Engineering Manager | Oxford Cold Storage


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