Our Background

Leading up to the deregulation of the Australian Electricity Industry in 1994, it was identified there was a need for monitoring key areas of service delivery, particularly electricity supply quality, reliability, billing accuracy and energy management.

Our founder and current director of the company, Matthew van der Lindon derived knowledge from experiences of the deregulated energy market in the UK.  Utilacor has been heavily involved in the industry since the deregulation of the market.  The deregulation of the energy industry in Australia has seen much turmoil, rapid price fluctuations and volatility and moderate performances by retailers and network distribution companies. The deregulation of the gas industry has seen similar results for consumers.

Utilacor Pty Ltd commenced operation in 1994.  The company has immense depth of knowledge of the energy industry, combined with extensive statistical, IT and programming capabilities. Our vision is to continue to deliver clients with quantifiable benefits.

Combining our industry expertise with a powerful and purpose built Energy Management software tool - kWatch®, the company is well positioned to manage the energy needs of our customers’ business enterprises.


Our People


David Evans -

David Evans is an industry leader in energy management solutions.

David has previously operated his own environmental consulting business and was the General Manager of the Drives Engineering & Service division for ABB Australia

Having trade qualifications in electrical engineering and more than 20 years’ experience in industrial automation, energy efficiency, power systems and business management, David has constantly helped businesses become more sustainable, improving their reliability and efficiency while reducing their costs.   David also holds a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability, completed in 2009.

DavidODavid O’Connor – General Manager Human Resources

David O’Connor has been associated with Utilacor from early 2012, as a Senior HR consultant, before being appointed General Manager Human Resources in February 2015. David previously operated his own HR consultancy, where he assisted small to medium sized business set up their HR framework, including Utilacor’s.

David has 15 years’ experience working for large corporations, in a number of HR management roles. Sectors include law, banking and finance, insurance, energy and education. David brings extensive business knowledge to Utilacor; including contemporary day-to-day HR Management practices and specialises in Industrial Relations and Remuneration & Benefits. David has a Graduate Certificate of Human Resources Management from Swinburne University.

NabilNabil Chemali - Engineering & Regulatory Manager

Nabil Chemali has recently joined Utilacor and is leading the engineering team to deliver projects, consultancy and savings for our customers. Nabil has over 28 years’ experience in the electricity industry working in engineering, commercial, regulatory and management roles. Prior to joining Utilacor Nabil was the Commercial Strategy & Performance Manager with Jemena, one of the five distributors in Victoria.

Nabil holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, a Master of Business Administration and a Diploma in Management





BGL Operations has exclusively used Utilacor over a number of years to re-negotiate its energy contracts. This has included a number of new sites which were acquired. The fact BGL has only used Utilacor testifies to our satisfaction with their expertise and business model.

Adam Port, Group General Manager | BGL


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So much more than an Energy Broker, Utilacor's energy management services can transform your energy usage, significantly lower your costs and help you implement sustainable solutions.

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