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Business Energy Audits

Businesses need regular Energy Audits

Utilacor understands that energy audits are an excellent way to evaluate the impact your business has on the environment by examining energy consumption. Energy Audits commence the process of establishing environmental consciousness - as well as providing an opportunity to save money in the process.

Sustainability Opportunity

A strong environmental business position will differentiate your offering from competitors in today's environmentally conscious marketplace. Utilacor can assist to get you there.

Utilacor understands that business energy efficiencies are possible by addressing work practices and utilizing "green" technology. Utilacor can deliver long term cost reductions by utilizing our KWatch® Energy Management Systems.

How to get started

Utilacor can assist business to identify energy saving opportunities by conducting AS/NZ 3598:2000 energy audits, which represents the best model presently available, and recommended by the AGO(Australian Greenhouse Office) in the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Water Resources.

Energy Audit Every Year - Take advantage of our Level 1 Energy Audit, when you sign up for our Energy Management Service, please call (03) 9737 6733 or email: sales@utilacor.com.au for more information.

  • Level 1 Energy Audits
    This is the most basic energy audit and involves mapping out consumption patterns and producing a detailed report to for the client. There is an official template based on the Australian standards above.
  • Level 2 Energy Audits
    This is the mid-level energy audit and is more detailed than Level 1. It involves more work on the nominated site, including HVAC analysis and investigating consumption targets and indicators. As well as a report on the outcome of the audit, a briefing of personnel is undertaken.
  • Level 3 Energy Audits
    This is the most comprehensive, detailed and complicated level of audit as per the standard. It can be performed for the whole site or part of a site. The report will also be longer and cover in detail all findings and recommendations, it is also accompanied by a presentation to key personnel.

For more information about government recommendations visit the Australian Greenhouse Office

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