Utilacor possesses the industry leading kWatch® energy management system that assists our clients to reduce energy consumption.  We can:

  • Identify energy savings
  • Implement energy performance improvements
  • Diagnose billing errors
  • Recover overcharges
  • Mitigate against energy price volatility

Our unique energy management system, kWatch® allows us to monitor all aspects of your energy usage.  kWatch® directly accesses the billing meter and reads the meter data, ensuring that firsthand data analysis is undertaken incorporating all factors that may influence energy costs to your business.

With the ability to analyse your energy usage and compare the same meter data used by retailers, Utilacor can identify short and long term consumption trends, thus providing solutions that will deliver real value to your business.

Another unique benefit of kWatch® is its ability to analyse historical and expected usage prior to entering into energy contracts, thus ensuring that you are advised of the most appropriate energy contract for your business.

Utilacor is confident that our comprehensive and detailed process through the use of our kWatch® system, produces real competitive pricing plans which will deliver real savings for your business.




We have been negotiating our future electricity costs with Utilacor for a number of years, and with information supplied by you we have been able to pinpoint the best time to test the electricity market. ... Over the past years Utilacor discovered overcharge situations that enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars on our electricity costs.

Gabor Hilton, Engineering Manager | Oxford Cold Storage


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So much more than an Energy Broker, Utilacor's energy management services can transform your energy usage, significantly lower your costs and help you implement sustainable solutions.

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